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www.jimcroce.com - This is Jim Croce's official website run by his widow, Ingrid Croce, for all things relating to Jim Croce. Ingrid writes, " This official Jim Croce website is my way of thanking you for helping to keep Jim Croce’s music and legacy alive. I hope that it fulfills your quest for Jim’s songs, discography, raps, reviews, periodicals and personal stories."






www.maurymuehleisen.com - Where would Jim Croce have been, had it not been for the musical genius and inspiration of Maury Muehleisen? If Jim Croce was captain, then this hugely talented, soft spoken, gentle young man was the engine room of the vessel. This link will take you to his site, compiled by his sister, and our dear friend, Mary Muehleisen.







www.seedlingrecords.com/aj-croce - Official website of A.J Croce and his record label, "Seedling Records". A.J Croce is a multi-talented musician/singer/songwriter. If you haven't seen him live on stage before..... then do it!! You won't be disappointed.







www.maggiesguitar.com - "Maggie's Guitar" are a four piece band whose musical style ranges from acoustic to soft rock. Their work consists of their own original songs plus selected covers. They also specialize in covering the songs of Jim Croce, of which they are all great fans. They have performed several tribute concerts for Jim Croce and are responsible for the upkeep of this website.